Although the spring and summer months can be hot and humid, It’s no secret that Australian weather can become cold and uncomfortable for swimming enthusiasts in the cooler seasons. So you can enjoy your swimming pool all year round, you may consider installing a swimming pool heat pump, this guide will help you to better understand Swimming Pool Heat Pump Prices in Sydney.

Let’s look at different swimming pool heating and what to look for when buying a pool heating system.

Types of Swimming Pool Heating and How They Work

The main types of swimming pool heating available in Australia are powered by solar power, gas, or electricity. You should consider the energy consumption, efficiency, up-front and running costs to determine the most suitable pool heating for your needs.

These types of heaters use different operation mechanisms and have their unique advantages and disadvantages. However, these categories have different cost implications for installation and running costs.

Below we will look at each type of pool heating in more detail, from installation to longevity so you can determine which solution is best for you and your pool. 

Solar Pool Heating

The bid to migrate from grid power to green energy is a popular approach that most homeowners use to cut energy costs. While using solar pool heaters, water from the pool circulates between the solar collector until heated.

The panels absorb energy heat from the sun, later transferring it to pool water. You need plenty of sunlight for these heaters to work effectively.

How Does Pool Solar Heating Work?

This system works by transferring heat directly. Using a digital controller, water from the pool is sent up to the roof, where the collector allows circulation to occur. However, water cannot be sent to the top if there’s not enough sunshine. The controller will only allow pool water to flow upwards to the collector once the pool water hits the set temperature levels.

Solar Pool Heating Cost Implications

According to Handy Pools, Australians can choose between two solar heating systems. Strip or rigid solar panel collectors - a system of flexible rubber or plastic tubes that can be installed on practically any surface or panel collectors - which are semi rigid and usually made from polypropylene, whilst less flexible than strip solar collectors, panel collectors are more durable and will last longer.

Whether you decide on a system using strip collectors, or panel collectors, you’ll have to part with approx. $3,000 or $6,000.

The installation cost depends on the swimming pool size, ease of installation, and the chosen system. The solar pool heating system cost between $3,000 and $5,000, depending on your preferred size. Installation costs could go as low as $600 or a high of $2,500.

Are you worried about the costs? Unlike other swimming pool heaters, energy bills with this system will be low as the cost to run the solar pool heating system for the extended season will approxiamtely cost aroun $300-$400. Alhough the upfront costs can be scary; their maintenance and running costs are low.

Gas Pool Heaters

A standard gas pool heater burns propane or natural gas in a special combustion chamber. The combustion heats the copper coils making them warm the circulating pool water.

If you live in areas where sunlight is minimal, this is the right pool heat for you. It doesn’t need air temperature or sunlight to operate. It ensures your pools remain relatively warm any time, any season.

Gas Pool heat Pump Costs

Without sugar coating it, gas pool heaters are expensive. You’ll need between $600 and $800 a month to run these heaters. Besides, heating the pools for the entire day will cost you more fuel.

Though you don’t need to heat your swimming pool all day or every season, the few times you run the heater will cost you more than other swimming pool heaters.

If you use propane to heat up the pool, you must be aware that it’s twice the cost of natural gas. When left with no other alternative for heating the pool, ask your trusted pool contractor to connect your heater to the gas line.

Gas Pool Heater Installation Costs

Gas pool heater installation is inexpensive compared to others. The gas pool  or spa heater costs range between $1,500 and $6,000. Your install costs depend on pool size and how powerful your choice of a gas heater is.

The ability to heat pool water fast make them more convenient for most property owners. Also, they can work in different climate settings irrespective of the season.

However, these heaters are not energy efficient, like pool solar heating systems. From their fuel emissions, these heaters are not as environmentally friendly as the others. In addition, their lifespan limit is around five years, which could be a loss to a homeowner.

Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming pool electric heat pumps work by harvesting heat from the air and warming the pool water. The market now offers advanced electric pool heat pumps, with great energy efficiency. If used in conjusture with solar energy power on your roof, heat your pool for free year around.

Though it needs an external power supply, this pool heater is efficient. Besides, you can operate or adjust different control settings, unlike the others. But how do these electric pumps take heat from the atmosphere?

How do Electric Pool Heat Pumps work?

Just like air conditioners, these pumps work in reverse mode. They harvest significant amounts of air from the environment and remove heat from it. The acquired heat is then transferred to pool water while passing through the heating unit.

Electric Heater Installation Costs

A single unit  can cost about $3,000 to $10,000. This includes the installation cost. On average you’ll need between $200 to $500 to run it monthly with a pool cover.

Electric heat pumps from trusted brands can last between 10 and 20 years. They’re energy-efficient, and their use of surrounding air qualifies them as one of the most energy-efficient heating systems.

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