Pool Covers

Looking for an energy efficient way to heat your pool? Consider a pool cover! Read more about the features and advantages of the different types we offer.


  • Save thousands on heating your pool by massively reducing pool water heat
  • Minimise the use chemicals in the pool and spa
  • Minimise evaporation
  • Requires Qualified technical installation
  • Pool blankets do not heat the pool but they're amazing at keeping the heat in on the cold spring and autumn nights
  • Save around 75% of the pool heating costs with a pool blanket


  • Cover your pool during the winter months with a custom pool winter clean cover
  • Measured and made
  • Designed to keep leaves out
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Installed across your pool and fastened to you pool coping so nothing gets in
  • Call us today to enquire about a quote for this up coming winter season
pvc pool shutter to conserve heat and protect from accidental falls