Pool Heating

Use your pool all year 'round and let Handy Pools organise your pool heating solution.
When preparing a recommendation, we:

  • View property to see how a heating system could work and the possibility of installation
  • Consider the pool size, how you wish to heat pool and the pool temperature set point before recommending heating style and model.
  • Discuss with you the costs of running the pool heating system
  • Recommend pool blanket use to save money on heating, environmental benefits and reduction of pool chemicals
  • Organise trades of electricians and plumbers where necessary to help you streamline the process.


  • On demand style of heating.
  • An event style of heating turn gas heater on the morning for that swim for the lunch time function.
  • Control heater remotely so the pool can be heated on the way home from holidays to keep the good vibes going.
  • Instant heating great for spas that can be heated up to 40C in around an hour.


  • Electric pool heat pump
  • Heat pump coverts the heat in the atmosphere transferring through a heat exchanger
  • Fantastic to run with solar electric panels to keep running costs down
  • Heat your pool year round or extend your swimming season through the spring and autumn


  • Cost effective to run - approximately $300 for the extended season October - April
  • Pool solar heating works by pumping pool water up to the roof through a solar collector - heating the pool water by the sun
  • Weather dependent - the sun will need to be out to take advantage of this pool heating system
Woman spending a winter night in a heated swimming pool.