Pool Filters & Pre-Filters

There are two different types of pool filters commonly used in the Australian market: sand filters and cartridge filters. By choosing the right pump and filter for your pool, your system will run efficiently, keep your costs down and keep your pool looking crystal clear.

Handy Pools help you select the correct filter size for your pool's water volume, the flow rate of your pump and circulation system to make sure it's operating at maximum efficiency.

Read more about the features and benefits of each type of pool filter and pre-filter.


  • Correct sized filter for the volume of pool water and flow rate of the water circulation system
  • Superior filtration system
  • Mainstream use in the pool industry
  • Fine particles get trapped in either filter sand or glass media as the pool water is pushed through the filter form the pool pump.
  • Low maintenance cleaning ease with fortnightly to monthly backwashing on demand


  • For use where sand filters cannot fit or a waste line cannot be run to a waste outlet
  • Super fine filtration - keep your pool cleaner!
  • Great for the environment and your hip pocket - save thousands of litres of water a year.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance required.


  • A great addition to any pool filtration system, removing large grains of dirt and dust before passing through the filter, allowing the water to flow at the optimal rate longer, with filter backwashing or cleaning pushed out to a longer period of time.
  • A system like the Waterco Cyclone works by creating a centrifugal water filtration system, by creating the cyclone it pushes the dirt to the outside and down the walls, then the clean water gets pushed upwards toward the filter.
  • Great addition to an infloor cleaning system.
  • Especially effective when used in conjunction with cartridge filter systems.
closeup of a filter pool