Pool Cleaners

When it comes to choosing your pool cleaner, you want to get it right. There are three types of cleaner on the market; Robotic cleaners, Pressure Side Cleaners and Pool Suction Cleaners.

Need help choosing the right cleaner?

At Handy Pools, we recommend the right pool cleaner for you taking into consideration the shape of the pool, existing equipment, infrastructure and leaf demand due to surrounds


Robotic pool cleaners have been on the market for about 10 years, however, in the last five years, the technology has gone from strength to strength. There are a range of advantages to choosing a robotic pool cleaner.

  • The prestige level of cleaner, robotic cleaners use an algorithm to map out your pool to ensure an accurate and complete clean
  • comes with a remote control to drive the clean for a quick tidy up and a easy to use caddy to tidy away neatly.
  • Cheaper running costs
  • Maytronics Dolphin is leading the industry in robotic pool cleaners, offered by Handy Pools
  • Scrubs walls and waterline with all wall cleaning models


Pressure cleaners are driven by using a proportion of the water returning to the pool after the pump and filter. This water moves through a different pipeline and a booster pump is used to increase the flow of water to drive the pressure cleaner. The cleaning unit has jets that moves leaves, dirt and debris into a bag on the back on the cleaning unit. Brands like Polaris and Jetvac are the leaders in the market.

Great benefits include:

  • A remarkably clean pool,
  • Pool cleaner stays in water for users ease to empty bag in seconds


  • Suction cleaners work by the cleaner being attached to a lead hose and the skimmer box via a vacuum plate. Suction cleaners are driven by the flow of water created by the pool pump & pool filter.
  • A fantastic entry level cleaner where leaf demand is low to minimise the pool owners pool maintenance time.
The robot is cleaning the pool. Maintenance pool concept.